In all aspects of life

In all aspects of life

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here at last.

I saw a video clip today on the weather channel about some huge gas tank that got struck by lightning and burned for 6.5 hrs until all the refine oil was gone. The fireman said thats what they were trying to have happen, cause there was no way they could put out the flames. So it turned out to be a controlled fire. But, stories like that have always made me want to be a firefighter. Especially a wildfire fireman. It just seems so exciting. In an adreniline exciting sort of way, not in a "oh wow, awesome" sort of way. This made me go on to think of other things that it would be fun to do.
1) Firefighter.
2) Play on the PGA tour.
3) Climb the tallest peaks on each continent
4) Sail around the world. (If a teenager can do it, can't I?)

Ok, so I only got to four, but still. I think they'd all be quite exiciting!

I have about 2.5hrs until I have something to do. I can finally take a breath. It seems like every day is run run run, go go go. And I think it will continue that way throughout the summer. But come October life should settle down a bit. I will be ready to chill by then.