In all aspects of life

In all aspects of life

Monday, December 13, 2010


Apparently eating is important if you want to lose weight. I have managed to not lose a single pound (or gain) since last Tuesday. I neeeded a few more calories in the ol' diet I guess. So this week I revamped my eating habits a little bit, and I'm back at it. Hopefully I'll get down a few more by the weeks end.

Every now and then I look at the "stats" for my blog. I don't know if its a self esteem thing or just curiosity. For some reason they are just fun to look at. Especially since someone from Alaska reads my blog. I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone from there. Except Sarah Palin, and I doubt she has time to read my blog. I'm probably not high on her radar at this point. Not that I want to be... And not that I don't want to be. I guess I wouldn't care either way.

If anyone knows anyone (hah) that wants to buy a house, fix it up, and sell it (or live in it) let me know! I think I know of a house that could soon be for sale.

One of my favorite parts about blogger is that it auto saves everytime you stop typing. Its the greatest thing ever. I've never had my browser stop working while I was blogging or anything, but I imagine if I did, it'd be nice to not have to retype everything.

Is it ok that I've already picked out the 7 jobs that I hope to get one of in the Air Force? This is what I am thinking would be fun:
1) Munitions Systems
2) Fuels Apprentice
3) Security Forces (Military Police)
4) Fire Protection
5) Missle and Space Systems Electronic Maintenance
6) Nuclear Weapons

There is one more that I can't remember right now. 4 and 5 are probably my top two choices. They sound like the most fun to me.

Thirteen to go.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pipes or Guns?

The other day while I was driving, I began to think about whether its nicer to have your arms referred to as "pipes" or "guns". I guess pipes could be good. Like the lead pipe in clue. If someone was comparing those two that would be nicer than guns I bet. But usually when I think of pipes I think of copper, or PVC, or corncob. Nothing that really says "I am gonna blow you away with my massive arms". But when someone says "nice guns" or something to that effect, its like...whoa. Guns...those will knock you down and blow you away. (not trying to be vulgar here, stick with the metaphor.) So I think that "guns" is a better way to describe arms than "pipes" But I'm somewhere still in the pistol range, so I'm not quite a gunner yet!

In other, more serious news. Allyson and I have been making some future plans for our lives. Since about June we've been discussing me joining the Air Force. We've gone through our lists of pro's and con's and sought out some good advice. So, we decided that it'd be a good fit for us. Unfortunatly in order for me to get signed up I have to lose down to 13, so I am halfway there! Hopefully I will meet the requirement by the first week of January. I most likely won't be off to BMT until May or so. But we are very excited and can't wait for me to lose some weight and get things in motion!