In all aspects of life

In all aspects of life

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving week..

Also, if I did have a bagel shop, I'd have my friends work with me. And my wife, of course. That would make it the most fun. But, before I let them work, I would interview them and ask them werid questions like, 'why do you want to work here?' and 'where do you see yourself in 5 years?' See if they would sweat or not. Because those questions really have no good answer in an interview. Then after I finally gave them the job, that is if they still wanted it after having to answer said questions, I'd let them know that the first customer in the store in the morning gets a free bagel and coffee. That way we'd always be busy right when we opened and that would make the employees grumpy. Who wants to be busy working at 5 or 6 in the morning? I like to ease into work, so I'd stay by the cash register and watch them work fast. That would make them more mad I think. And after they found out they were only making minimum wage they'd walk out and I'd have to work all by myself. So in the long run, I guess its good that I don't own a bagel shop. But I still think it'd be fun, someday.

I work out at the YMCA 3-5 times a week. And when I get there, its usually just a bunch of elderly retired people walking, and the guys do some light lifting so they can still feel strong and try to impress the elderly ladies that are there. It's nice for me. Then I can feel strong because I do more than all of them. The Y is kind of a wimpy gym as I see it. Its not where the big strong guys go to get bigger. Its where people like me go to try and get strong. So I fit right in. But all these elderly guys, when they are in the locker room, just strip their clothes right off. There's always an old man butt in the locker room. This morning, I walked into the locker room after my workout, turned the corner to get to my locker and whammo...there it was. There's not really a way to get around that I guess. So I pretend like there isn't a naked man standing there, which makes me self conscious, and just go shower. But I suppose that's how I'll be when I'm old too. Because when you are old you arn't self conscious. You're wiser than that.

That means when I am old I'll have a bagel shop, and strip my clothes off in the locker room. Hopefully I'll be self conscious enough not to do it in my bagel shop. I wouldn't get many customers if I did. Maybe just some elderly ladies.

Friday, November 19, 2010


There was just one bagel left in our house this morning. I wasn't particularly hungry at 7am, so I toasted it for Allyson upon her request. But as I began my drive into town, I thought how nice it would be to have a bagel with cream cheese on it for breakfast. I had pondered getting a BK breakfast sandwich, or a Mcgriddle. But that was just too much substance. I just needed a little light something to sit in my stomache. I thought about all the places in Alexandria that I could have breakfast at, and I couldn't think of one that would meet my needs. It was then that I missed Times Square. Just a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese, please. Upon racking my brain some more, I remembered that Caribou sold muffins. French Toast muffin it is. It did its job, just a light little breakfast. However, it did not satisfy me nearly as much as a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese would have. If I was smarter, or wealthier, or had more equity in my house, I suppose I would open a bagel shop. What could be more fitting than a bagel for breakfast?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The end of a work week.

I am so glad that today is Friday. I am looking forward to a very fun and relaxing weekend. First excitment of the weekend? Meatloaf at the in laws. Its delicious. Especially with the sauce Karyn makes. Mmmm....
After that its off to see unstoppable. I think the agenda for Saturday is pretty open, but I feel like there is something going on that I am forgetting about. I guess we'll see. And Sunday...its off to church and then down to the cities to see Donald Miller and the Robby something band. It should be a pretty good time. I'm looking forward to it!

Me and Allyson and our friend Katy went to a 'spinning' class at the Y on Thursday, oh man, it was pretty intense. I don't think I've sweat that much in a very, very long time. My knees still are sore. It was kinda a kick my butt sorta way. I think we're going again next week...and then I'm gonna sit in the hot tub and relax.

I'm hoping to hear back from WASP, Inc next week. I applied for a position and I think that I will at least get an interview. But, it'd be a great job to have. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my prayers going. The Lord knows what I need and where I should be, so I will trust him to bring me to the right places.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The elections have come and gone. I don't think anyone I voted for won. Thats always kind of a disappointment. The WCA school referendum passed, which means I'll have higher property taxes to pay for things I'll never use. But life goes...and now I can think about the more important things in life. Like the Vikings. And just football in general. Hopefully Childress will be fired by the end of the year. :)

I was reading Galatians this morning. Chapter one. I was planning on reading through the Bible from beginning to end since I just got a new NLT, but I only made it as far as Gen. 26 before I got bored of the old testament. So Galatians it is. The last verse of the first chapter was my verse of the day. "And they praised God because of me" So Pauls situation was pretty drastic...I mean he went from killing Christians to Evangelizing and discipling, so no doubt people would praise God because of that. But then I thought, 'will/do people praise God because of me? I don't think so...not so much anyway. Spotty at best. The Lords really been hammering home the Romans 1:16...not being ashamed of the Gospel and all that. I guess you'd call it boldness. Living with intentionality. etc... Here's to that! May you remember to praise God today. Simply just because He is worthy of our praise.