In all aspects of life

In all aspects of life

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forgot to mention

In my haste to write a new blog post I forgot to mention the most exciting news of the year yet. Shortly after we moved to Germany we found out we will be having a baby! We are quite excited to become parents. Allyson has been busy finding out what types of things we need and what brands are best, according to other peoples opinions. I listen and smile and say, "sounds good babe." I hope we don't end up with too much stuff. But, that's usually the case. It still hasn't quite hit me that we will have a little one soon. I am probably going to get a reality check one day. But Allyson isn't really showing very much, and aside from the few things we have gotten already, not much has changed. Except ally's frequent use of the bathroom. If I thought she used the bathroom a lot before, she's in there all the time now. Ok...not ALL the time, just a lot. :-) February 20th is supposed to be the big day. No valentines day in Paris this year!

We are spending Labor Day weekend in Brussels. We have made friends with another couple, and they are coming with us.  Jake is a Crew Chief, which means he walks around kicks tires to make sure everything is ok with the aircraft. Not really, but that's the joke. Crew Chiefs kind of do a little bit of everything. I believe their say is, "a jack of all trades but a master of none." We all get along well. His wife, Elyse, and Allyson have really hit it off. It's nice to have a good 'couples' friend. It looks to be a very good weekend!

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