In all aspects of life

In all aspects of life

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things that have been on my mind.

I followed the Egypt protests fairly faithfully. I thought it was great to see the people win and get waht they wanted. It made me think that if people in America REALLY didn't want something to happen, that we could do the same thing. But we're probably either too lazy or too apathetic do protest for 18 days. If we have to say we want something to change more than once, we probably won't do it. Kudos to the Egyption people who cared enough about their country to make something happen.

Kind of on the same note; Mexico. I heard a story a few weeks back about two police officers who had been captured and be-headed, and then the entire department just quit. It disturbed me and made me quite angry. What would we think if something like that happened in Alexandria? Would we just let the police officers quit? I don't understand why Mexico, or some other nation (the U.S.) isn't more direct in eliminating the drug cartel. Instead of hiding and quitting and being afraid, go after them. I'm sure they know who the big boys are...take care of them. And by that I mean kill them. I'm probably oversimplafying things some, but come on. Over 10,000 people were killed in Mexico last year because of drug related violence. Be a little more aggressive.

Losing weight can be difficult. Proper eating goes a long way in helping that. I was doing very well, I was down to 206, a mere 3lbs from my goal. Then I went on a 5 day mission trip and I gained some weight ( I won't tell you how much) but I am now back to 209lbs. I should be able to go weigh in with my recruiter sometime this month, and maybe(hopefully) get to MEPS to take my physical. As the days pass it starts to feel more real.

Selling a house is probably hard. Ours has only been on the market for a week, but no lookers. It only takes one buyer. I am fully confident that we are in God's will and therefore He will take care of us. Whether its the house selling or somehow having it ready for renters.

I am almost halway through my half marathon training. It has been great. It's nice to see the progress from when I first started running in November. I could hardly run around the track twice(13.5 times makes a mile), this week my long run will be 6 miles, or 81 laps. I feel much better through out the day when I run in the morning. Which makes rest days difficult, though neccesary. On the same note I am planning on doing a half marathon on May 1st in Grand Marais. And another May 14th in Alexandria. Not long after I will (hopefully) be off to BMT.

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