In all aspects of life

In all aspects of life

Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you the fly?

The fly didn't know it was going to die yesterday.

Harriet is a very precious cat. She's just 7 or 8 months old now, and full of energy.
She's also a precarious cat, jumping about from here to there. Onto the dresser, back to the floor, onto the shelf in the wall, to the table(before she is shooed away) back to the floor. She loves to chase pieces of paper on the floor too. Wadded up receipts is one of her favorites! When she is finally worn out she lay on the top of the couch and sleeps. Only to be awaken by the sound of a fly. She awakes with a start and sits right by the lamp, because thats where the flies like to gather this time of the year. Her jaws move in the most fastest of ways, make the oddest noise I've ever heard out of a cat. Then, without notice she will leap up at the wall and try to snatch the unsuspecting fly. She had been trying to catch this fly for several days now, if not a week or two. Yesterday she got him. Allyson and I were watching a movie, and we heard her leap up the wall, we turn to each other and ask, 'did she get it?' then we look at Harriet on the floor munching on said fly like a mid-afternoon snack. Harriet loves to eat flies. Especially that one. And I'm glad she does. They are the most miserable insects to have bothering you in the summer time. I hope she eats them all.

It leaves me to wonder if I am a fly. Am I just buzzing around the light, not paying attention to what's going on around me? Am I desensitized to the hurting, the lost, and those without hope? Am I susceptible to an unknown attack? The devil is seeking to devour me. How aware am I? I pray I am more aware than the fly. I do not want to be eaten like a mid-afternoon snack. I pray that I am engaged in battle, defeating the enemy and his minions.

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  1. You're great. Thanks for being thought provoking.