In all aspects of life

In all aspects of life

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I thought I would add a nice little something to my profile, so there is a Calvin & Hobbes. There are many different strips that I could put up of them, but I found this one to be nice. Learn something everyday. Learn something from everyone you meet. Not only will it help you improve your attitude, you will learn tons of awesome things. Be a lifetime learner.

I finished my dinner of corned beef and toast not too long ago. Mrs. Clare made a very tasty dinner. And I ate just enough to satisfy my hunger. After I was done eating I had the oddest thought...why is it that Batman had Robin? Superman had no one, The Hulk had no one, Spiderman had no one. Is Batman so lame and weak that he needs help? Or, is it that he is above all else and goes beyond what other super heros go, that he needs someone to catch his back every now and then? I guess it could be either way.

I heard some interesting things today regarding money. I'm listening to a series on being content by Chip Ingram(amazing teacher) and at this point he ties it in to our material wants etc... anyway, the point being this: he said that money is all about worship. I had never thought of it that way before. It was quite a nice thought. He also was talking about giving sacrificially and how we get our needs and wants mixed up. God always provides for out needs. Needs. Needs. Needs.

Those who sow abundantly will also reap abundantly. 10% is not abundantly. Scripturally, 10% is the MINIMUM. Convicted. Guilty. Not sowing abundantly or sacrificially. Also, you don't reap in the same season you sow. This being a rather rural area I can understand that. The farmers don't plant corn one day and harvest it the next. Rather, it takes months for the harvest to be ready.

And think of this, if you need a friend, instead of complaining about no one talking to you and being your friend, be a friend to someone. If you need love, give love. If you need affection, give affection(appropriatly of course). The underlying theme is this: if you need... give.

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