In all aspects of life

In all aspects of life

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The dilemma with eating...

Why is it that eating is so comforting? Taking a nice big bite of ______, in my case, usually something greasy and unhealthy. Trav's has thee best bacon cheeseburgers ever. Add fries and BBQ sauce and I'm set. I could eat them multiple times a week. When I don't, Papa Murphy's is just down the road. I love Papa Murphy's pizza. Especially the cheese. I try to avoid going in there when its being held up, but if its a pizza day, its a pizza day. Today is a pizza day(but payday isn't until tomorrow). So tomorrow will be pizza day. Sundays should be designated pizza day. There's just something so nice about coming home from church and eating a nice cheesy pizza. Or grilling.

But here's the dilemma... if I were to eat like that all the time I would resemble something like John Madden mixed with an elephant. In other words, its not healthy. But it tastes so good.

So, how do you curve(curb?) an appetite? You can eat a head of lettuce and get as many calories as 3 M&M's... its just not fair. Who wants to eat a head of lettuce? Or three M&M's for that matter. You see, I am on this LGN diet, and there is an ideal weight that I would like to reach, but I would also like to eat. And it must be possible, because while I was across the ocean a few years ago I ate just fine and lost plenty of weight. Which I managed not to gain back for probably almost a year. Thats when I succumbed to a love of fast food again. Perhaps therein lies the problem. Back to rice and beans? Maybe a little chicken?

I have managed to cut out almost all of my soda intake... and I'm working on the snacking thing. Its just so easy when there is nothing else to do. But, I'm trying to drink water instead of girl scout cookies... oh how I love girl scout cookies.

So, what to do? Anyone have some good recipes? Healthy recipes?

P.S. I'm going to hopefully remember to 'label' all my posts.


  1. ugh. dilemma of my life!! (mint girl scout cookies are the BEST)

  2. I like the peanut butter ones...and it is cookie season!!